Welcome to Chinanook’s kennel!

I breed Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies. All my dogs are sled dogs and show dogs with a great behavior.
The puppies are raised with love and are socialized for different lifestyles. 

Through this site you will discover my dogs and different activities (Mushing, Shows, Obedience,...).

About us...

In 1986 my parents bought their 1st Siberian Husky. I was only 5 and started learning about this very special breed.

In 1998 unfortunately my parents had to put him asleep because of a tumour. I was travelling in the US and my parents went to visit almost all the breeders in Belgium.

In April '99 they bought a brother and sister from Chefornak's kennel. When I came back from the US in summer 99 I discovered Chefornak's Yorki and Chefornak's Yucca. And this was the beginning of a new passion...
My family first bought a step for my dad @ Xmas. Then I started running as well. I also started going to shows and learn about handling.

One year later my parents bought 2 sisters Zinga & Zanouk. Of course I had to compete in the races with my dad. 

So in 2002 I started to run with 2 Alaskan Malamutes Tennessee Of Keema's Wolf Pak & Xsiris Of Keema's Wolf Pak and also started to appreciate this breed. 

In  May 2005 I’ve got my 1st Alaskan Malamute, Yekona Of Keema’s Wolf Pak.

In December 05 I bought my first huskies: Chefornak's Charkolito and Chefornak's Ethna. 

In 2008 I decided to keep Chinanook’s Hailey out of my first Alaskan Malamutes litter.

In 2009 I purchased a very promising husky in Italy: Ayuka's Great Akela. 

In 2010 JustAKiss Of Keema’s Wolf Pak joinded the gang. Later that same year we kept Chinanook’s Jack, Chinanook’s JoYepa & Chinanook’s Jersey.

In 2011 I kept Chinanook’s K’eyush Jr. “Kenzo”.

End of 2011 I had the honour to welcome a special boy, Ch. uyak Kalamals Bison Benjamin “Ben”. We are very proud to have a malamute of the highly esteemed Uyak bloodline. Then in 2012 I kept a daughter of him, Chinanook’s Lilly Rose.

Last but not least in 2013 I kept two lovely boys: Chinanook’s Mad About You & Chinanook’s Marcolini. American Triumph Moves Like Jagger also joined our pack.

Today I enjoy mushing, handling and even obedience with my wonderful sleddogs :)

I would like to thank the following people for their advice and help:
        Anita Muspach (Keema's Wolf Pak kennel)
Antonio Pagano & Pierangelo Masselis (Ayuka's kennel)
        Arnaud Eggemann (Kevin’s Dream kennel)
Christine De Bondt (Chefornak's kennel)
Giovanni Camboni & Sylvianne De Ronne
Guido Schäfer (Hightower's kennel)
My parents n's (Freddy & Muriel Guillaume)
Maja Fiolek
Nancy Daponte (American Triumph's Kennel)
Paula Honigman & Harold Schwartzapfel (Uyak’s kennel)
Alaskan Malamutes
Siberian Huskies